Swedish requirements for higher Education

Entering any institution of higher education in Sweden, requires in many cases, that you can show documented Swedish skills. Most programmes and courses at Swedish universities and University colleges are held in Swedish and require documented proof of Swedish proficiency. And if you wish to enter any of these, you have two options to obtain […]

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Swedish Spelling Software

Can’t Spell? You may need a spelling software to help. Spelling in Swedish is a challenge. One single letter can change the whole meaning of a word; grattis (congratulations) is not the same as gratis (for free), even though it sounds more or less the same. So what do you do to avoid making annoying spelling mistakes? This is what you […]

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How to learn Swedish?

Learning a language is a bit like revealing a mystery. Each word will bring you closer to the revelation. But learning a language is a long process and requires hard work. This is why you should try to turn your learning processes into a stimulating experience, where you adapt your way of learning to your way of […]

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Swedish Language Tests

Swedish language tests/اختبار السويدية

Curious about your current Swedish level? In need of a Swedish certificate? Or about to apply to a Swedish university? There are many reasons to take a Swedish test and a lot of language tests have emerged lately to meet this need. Some tests are free. Others are quite expensive. Some are held regularly throughout the year. […]

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Why learn Swedish?

Why learn Swedish? It is a tiny language spoken by less than 10 million people and most people you meet in Sweden will have at least basic knowledge in English? Is it really worth the effort? Well the short answer is YES and this is why. it will increase the number of people you can […]

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