Five outdoor trips in Skåne for spring and summer

The days are getting longer, and the sun shines brighter. Nature comes back to life and after the gloomy days of winter, life in Sweden moves outdoor again. Southern Sweden, especially Skåne is perfect to enjoy the mild spring and early summer weather outdoor. Most people don’t trust that the good weather will last for […]

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Champagne, rafting and bonfires – Celebrating Valborg in Uppsala

Have you celebrated Walpurgis Night in Sweden yet?  Or Valborg, as it is known in Swedish? Each year on the 30th April, crowds gather in many Swedish cities to celebrate Valborg, an ancient festival heralding the arrival of spring and commemorating St Walburga, an 8th Century Christian missionary known for fighting witchcraft.  Valborg in Uppsala […]

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My Best Part of Spring


Spring has always been my most exciting moment as a Newbie. This is because it is a refreshing time especially because of the weather. There are so many beautiful things to love about spring but these are the top 5 things, I always look forward to every year. Blooming Flowers Spring comes with a lot […]

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How you know it’s spring in Sweden

الربيع في السويد و أشعة الشمس

It’s finally happening: days are getting longer, blue skies, it’s getting warmer and warmer and Swedes start to crawl out of their shells! You may have noticed that there are some significant differences happening in Sweden this time of the year. You see people standing everywhere in just the smallest ray of sunlight The street […]

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