Individuell Människohjälp, IM

Individuell människohjälp

im-logoIM was founded in 1938 and has been fighting poverty and exclusion ever since. In Sweden, they  focus mainly on integration and they have a broad variety of activities that help newcomers (of all ages) find their way into Swedish society and the Swedish language.

Some of their activities are:

  • Help newly arrived children with homework (Läxhjälp)
  • Help newly arrived teenagers find a spare time activity or hobby (Move it)
  • Match newcomers with Swedes who want to hang out (Duo)
  • Invite adults to regular meet ups to practice Swedish, chit-chat, have a coffee or simply enjoy good company (Språkfika, Tala Svenska)
  • Special activity groups for children seeking asylum in Sweden and children who recently received a residence permit and who are in the processes of resettling in Sweden. (BIV & BIS)

Want to learn more? You can take a closer look at their offer in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund  or contact IM directly to find out what activities they have in your surrounding.

Remember that many organisations offer activities for newly arrivals, so if IM doesn’t have an activity in your city, another organisation might have. Learn more here.

You can – as a Newbie – either join any of these activities or choose to engage yourself as volunteer. Engaging and helping others out is a great way to build friendships. It is also a good way to show Swedish employers that you are able to find your way in a Swedish context.