IM Lund

IM Lund

im-logoIndividuell Människohjälp in Lund has a number of activities for Newbies. Read on and pick the ones that suit you. 

  • Tala Svenska Lund
  • Hantverksgruppen
  • Läxhjälp (Help with homework)

Tala Svenska

Come and practice your Swedish! IM in Lund arranges weekly meet ups where you can join and practice your Swedish, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a good time.

More on Tala Svenska i Lund (information in Swedish).


This group is for women who enjoy crafts while spending time with others. The items made at these meetings are sold at the IM Christmas market. This is an excellent way to make friends and practise your Swedish all while contributing to IM. Sounds interesting?

More on Hantverksgruppen (information in Swedish).

Läxhjälp (Help with homework)

IM offers newly arrived children and teenagers help with homework. Regular meetings twice a week.

More on Läxhjälp in Lund (information in Swedish).