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Most driving licenses are valid in Sweden – at least for a limited period of time.

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Expecting The Unexpected

Right, so now we are in 1997. I am forty, married, teaching the dysfunctional youth of Northern Ireland, embroiled in wars of attrition, both domestic and political. Murder, mayhem and no end in sight. This blogpost was written by Letty. I am wearing a maxi dress, sporting a hairstyle that is a comb…

Enjoy Winter in Måkläppen

Only during 12 weeks a year, the wildlife sanctuary Måkläppen is open. From November 1 to January 31 you have the chance to explore this nature reserve. And it is worth it! Målkläppen is the home to many birds, but most excitingly, you can observe seals very closely there. Målklappan is located…

Digital Nomad’s Guide to Stockholm

Happen to be one of the Digital Nomads and wondering if Stockholm is a good fit for your next stop? Planning your next temporary retreat and still not sure whether the Swedish capital can satisfy all your freelancing needs? We think Stockholm is the place where leisure and work find the perfect bala…