7 November, 2019

November Visit to Copenhagen

It might still be a couple of weeks until Christmas, but therefore there is enough time to plan a pre-Christmas trip. Sweden is wonderful during the Christmas season. Swedes really know how to bring light to this dark season. But even after seeing several Christmas markets in Sweden, my favorite markets are still in Copenhagen! Plus, it already opens in the mid of November. So there is plenty of time to get into the right mood and to survive the gloomy November days and explore advent in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is not only having one Christmas market, but the entire city turns into a Christmas winter wonderland! No matter where you live in Sweden, consider visiting Copenhagen for a day (or weekend) during this advent. To help you plan a Christmas walk through the city, walk along with the following steps.

First stop: Tivoli

I can still remember the first time I went to Tivoli during Christmas. It’s like you jump into a Christmas dream. They decorate the entire park in the Christmas wonderland theme. Full-on American Christmas. Anywhere else, it would be too much. But for Tivoli, it’s just the perfect mix of getting you into the Christmas mood. Start by strolling through the park, and have your camera ready. Each corner is differently decorated, and the millions of lights are bringing joy to your heart. Make sure you check the time of the water light show on the lake!

Advent in Copenhagen, dark night, with lights in tree and a lake
Advent decoration in Tivoli.

Next up: stroll along Størget

After being at Tivoli, walk along Strøget towards town. Each of the squares is hosting its little Christmas markets, which are filled with lots of special treats. First up is Højbro Plads, where you find cute traditional handcraft and food. You find Hojbro when you turn towards the right when you get to Amagertorv. Before you head further on Strøget, walk into Illium Bolighus. Illium Bolighus is a Royal shopping center selling danish design. Especially during Christmas time, their entire focus is on Christmas decorations, which makes it a spectacle to just walk through the center.

Christmas Market on Hojbro Plads

Next stop: Kongens Nytorv

Follow the brightly decorated Strøget further until you reach Kongens Nytorv. This Christmas marker will be especially interesting this year! In the last couple of years, there was a big construction site for the new metro line, limiting the Christmas market. Now that it is done, it will be exciting to see how the Christmas market looks. Don’t forget to check out the facade of the Hotel Angleterre!

Last highlight: Nyhavn

Every trip to Copenhagen involves a visit to Nyhavn, and during advent that is no exception. Along the iconic colorful harbor front, you can enjoy a cute Christmas market. Buy a warm Gløgg here (one bonus of Copenhagen is that its proper Glögg that is served!). And of course, have your camera ready. Nyhavn is the perfect place to capture an ideal winter-time picture of the city!

Christmas decorated Nyhavn with colorful houses along harbour
Nyhavn during Advent time

There are many more interesting Christmas markets in Copenhagen. The once above mentioned are all open from the middle of November until the end of December. Check out Copenhagens’ own homepage for a list of other Christmas markets that are open on more specific dates! Also, head over to a previous post about the Christmas market in Stockholms Old town here

Have you been to the Christmas market in Copenhagen? Do you agree with me that it is a must?

Michaela Roth
My name is Michaela and I grew up surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. When I moved to flat Lund to do my Ph.D., I initially thought it would only be for the 4 years that it takes to obtain this degree. Of course, life had other plans, and falling in love with a Swede changed my life completely. I am passionate about science, outdoor activities, and balancing multicultural traditions.

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