2 June, 2019

New partnership opportunities with SmartCoding

SmartCoding is looking for more partner companies to join the initiative of empowering women in tech! Read below how cooperation with SmartCoding can help your company or startup grow your tech team.

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Why SmartCoding?

SmartCoding supports women in their goal of starting a career in IT by showing in a very practical way of how to build a professional profile in the tech world. The beginner level courses’ graduates can continue education and apply for junior courses. Whereas, the junior courses’ graduates participate in the IT career development program which consists of two parts: an internship and later on a job offer.

According to the statistics provided by IT&Telekomföretagen, there will be ca 70,000 Software Developers missing in Sweden by 2022 unless special efforts are made. And there is still a gender gap in IT like everywhere else. In other words, if there is equality, there is diversity and diversity is needed. Different opinions and perspectives are only helpful. More initiatives like ours would bring only additional support. Our vision is to expand outside Stockholm, then later outside Sweden, into the Nordics and further into Europe.

Despina Stamkou, CPO and co-founder of SmartCoding

What do they offer?

So far, SmartCoding has been offering 2 types of courses for the last 12 months:

  • Beginner Software Developer
  • Junior Full-Stack Web Developer

The initiative has been supported by various companies and startups such as:

  • Klarna
  • Mr Green & Co Technology
  • Aditro
  • The Newbie Guide To Sweden
  • Hive Streaming
  • NIRA Dynamics
  • Josefine Liljeqvist and many many more!

Partners have been sharing real IT projects for students to work on during junior level courses. In that way, the companies learnt more about future internship candidates, received clean codes to implement into their projects but also contributed to knowledge sharing. Employees at partner companies have been offering support in the form of guest lectures and IT mentorship during classes. As Stamkou concludes:

SmartCoding is bringing in numerous guest lecturers to support the course participants. Other women who have already been through the education process will motivate students to continue learning. There’s definitely too much fear of learning programming, especially once you are a woman with no experience in IT. That’s one reason why there’s a huge gender gap. One of the key factors to help more women succeed in IT is making sure they stay motivated despite the difficult environment.

All you need to know

The courses on beginner and junior levels are open to any woman with a personnummer and the right to work here. English is essential! Participants in the courses are selected after clearing math and logical thinking tests followed by interviews. Moving on towards the junior level courses, the basic understanding of a programming language is required to apply. At the moment all courses are offered in Stockholm and each lasts 3 months.

After successfully completing the junior level course, graduates may become part of a tech team at one of the partner companies or startups in Stockholm as interns. Later on, they may become junior developers with a full- or part-time job contract while still learning and developing their tech skills.

Interested to become a partner?

For partnership opportunities please reach out to the team at

For questions concerning courses please go to the FAQ page.

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