4 January, 2019

Moving to Sweden with pets

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For most of you, moving to Sweden with your pet is non- negotiable. However, you should be aware that there are certain rules that need to be followed. We’ve gathered essential information, so you can happily move with your furry friend to Sweden.  

5 steps to bring your pet to Sweden: 

The rules to bring pets from another country are set by the European Union. Countries like Sweden or Norway, however, have special requirements on the matter. If you come from a non-European country, other conditions may apply too.

*Important: The following rules apply to dogs, cats and ferrets. Other animals may need special requirements.  

  1. Pets must be vaccinated against rabies (they must be 12 weeks old at least to have its primary vaccination). Pets will be allowed to travel 21 days after their first rabies vaccination. If you travel from a non-European country like the United States, you’ll also need to get an EU entry Health certificate.  
  2. Puppies and kittens must be at least 3 months and 22 days old. Read more about it here
  3. Pets must be ID-marked with an ISO microchip. This must be done before the rabies vaccination. The microchip is not required if your pet was tattooed before the 3rd July 2011.  
  4. Your pet requires an EU passport (this can be purchased from your veterinarian). You’ll also need insurance for your pet (it’s a MUST). Treating pets in Sweden is very expensive.
  5. Report to a customs office: When passing the border, you will report to a customs officer that you are bringing a pet. Just follow the Red Point marked on the floor to get to the customs office. Here’s the list of all customs offices in Sweden )  

What if I can’t travel with my pet? 

In case you and your pet can’t travel together, you must book your pet’s flight five days before or after your flight. Your pet must carry the following documents:  

  1. EU passport and rabies vaccination document. 
  2. Your declaration and authorization to your representative, where you make clear that you transport your pet without commercial purposes.  
  3. A copy of your booking or flight ticket. 

Can my pet travel with me on the plane? 

If your pet is over 11 inches tall or 15 pounds in weight it must travel in the cargo hold. To make your pet’s journey as nicer as possible, you should consider non-stop routes. Also avoid periods of extreme temperatures, holiday seasons and high traffic periods.  

Are there any banned breads in Sweden? 

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Saarloos Wolfdog are not permitted to enter Sweden. 

What if I’m travelling from Malaysia or Australia? 

Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to bring dogs or cats from Malaysia or Australia to Sweden. But there are exceptions. Read them here.  

What are pet’s rights in Sweden?  

Swedes are very close to their pets, treating them as valued family members. The Swedish law says that your dog should be allowed to go outside at least every 6 hours. If you keep it indoors, it must have a view of a window allowing sunlight.  

Some companies let their workers bring their dogs to the office. You can also leave your pet in a dog day-care centre (although they’re quite expensive) or hire a pet sitter. Your pet will get the extra love and care it deserves.


When taking your dog for a walk it’s forbidden to leave them off the leash, but it’s okay to do it in forests or open spaces, as long as you keep an eye on them. Notice some parks provide fenced-in enclosures where your dog can run free and mingle with other dogs. Your pets also need to socialize.  

Pets are allowed on public transport, but they must be on a leash or in a carrier. There are restricted areas on buses and trains where pets are not allowed due to people allergies, so keep an eye on signs! 

Pets and rented apartments 

Stockholm is one of the most challenging rental markets and when looking for a pet-friendly flat it makes it even more difficult. The reasons are: damage on the property and, again, allergies.  

But it’s not impossible. Some advice: When landlords point out “no pets allowed” it might refer exclusively to dogs or cats. You can persuade them with a great rental application letter describing your dog’s excellent behaviour. Be willing to pay a higher deposit on the rent is another way to sway the landlord.  Finding a pet-friendly landlord can also mean a better tenant-landlord relationship. So, it’s worth the try!  

Pets and insurance

Health care for animals is in one word – expensive. And unfortunately the famous Swedish social welfare system does not include our furry, scaly or winged friends. It is therefore no wonder that there a lot of insurance companies that offer insurance for your pets.

If your pet does become sick, do a search for your nearest veterinarian (veterinär + the name of your town) or contact an online vet service such as First Vet*. You talk to a veterinarian via video call and the service is free if you have a pet insurance with most Swedish animal insurance.

Valuable sites for more information  

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Shirley Schott
20 September, 2019 at 11:08

What would an approximate cost to fly 2 dogs to Sweden from U.K. Please. They are Tibetan Terriers and would like to be on same flight non stop from U.k to Arlanda


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