18 January, 2016

Guldbaggegalan – the Swedish Oscars


Big night for all movie lovers. Guldbaggegalen, often described as the Swedish equivalent to the Oscars, will be broadcasted tonight for the 51th time. Guldbaggegalan is an annual ceremony honouring achievements in the Swedish film industry.  The whole ceremony is broadcasted by SVT. Anyone who wants to watch it can either turn on the television or watch it online on

New category for newcomers

Two new categories have been added this year, honouring the Best Newcomer and the Best visual effects. Which means that the Guldbaggegalan hounours achivements in over 20 different categories.

Watching Swedish movies – A way to learn about Sweden

Artistic expressions like music, books and movies tell the stories of our time. It gives insight into the complex time we are living in. It is a fun and accessible way to learn about a country, it´s questions and concerns.

These are the nominated Movies at Guldbaggegalan

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