2 June, 2019

Five outdoor trips in Skåne for spring and summer

The days are getting longer, and the sun shines brighter. Nature comes back to life and after the gloomy days of winter, life in Sweden moves outdoor again.

Southern Sweden, especially Skåne is perfect to enjoy the mild spring and early summer weather outdoor. Most people don’t trust that the good weather will last for too long, and therefore take every opportunity to enjoy the sun. 

Here are some suggestions for a nice outing in Skåne, especially during the spring and early summer, that doesn’t require any special equipment and are doable for everybody!

Get into the summer mood in the riviera of Skåne: Skanör Falsterbo

The first outdoor adventure takes you to the far southwest corner of Skåne, you find the beautiful Peninsula of Falsterbo. The endless beaches there are lined with white sand dunes and colourful cabanas. The very tip of the peninsula is a nature reserve called Målkäppen sanctuary and home for many birds and seals. Take this as your starting point and walk then north along the beach. The more north you get on the beach, the more people you will see sitting on stand blankets and kids playing at the beach. Depending on how warm it is, you might also want to take a swim in the crystal-clear water. But be aware, it will be a chilly experience even on a hot summer day!

Beach with colourful houses on the side
Outdoor activity 1: Hiking along the beach of Skanör.

Explore the Southern East coast at Stenshuvud

Located on the eastern coast of Skåne, in the beautiful region of Österlen, you find a scenic full-day hike challenge. Get by car or public transport to Kivik and start your hike at the largest apple plantation in Sweden. Make sure you have a little empty space in your backpack, as you might want to buy apple-made delicacies directly from their shop. From here follow the path south. You will very soon hike up onto a hill, called Stenhuvud and be able to enjoy a breath-taking view over the Baltic sea and all of Skåne. Afterwards, the hike takes you all the way down to Simrishamn along the water. It is a roughly 20 km hike, but don’t underestimate that some parts you hike through sand, which means you will be slightly slower than usual. Also, bring enough water and food to be able to take breaks along the way!

Outdoor picture showing the view from the top of the hill over the sea and forest
Outdoor trip 2: This it the view you get from Stenshuvud.

Climb the highest mountain of Skåne in Söderåsen national park

Söderåsen national park is a popular hiking area all year round, but especially if all the trees have fresh green leaves, it’s even more noticeable that Söderåsen is the largest unbroken area of protected woodland in Northern Europe! Starting at the visitor centre at the lake, you can choose different hiking paths of various length and difficulty levels. One of them takes you up to Kopparhatten, which is with its 212 meters over sea level the highest point of Skåne. If you are not that much into the heights, then take a relaxing round around the lake. The path here has been recently rebuilt and is even suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

Outdoor photo of a lake surrounded by green trees
Outdoor trip 3: Söderåsen hiking trip

Challenge the child in you at Nimis on your way to Kullabergs lighthouse

Another outdoor activity will take you to the nature reserve at Kullaberg in the north of Helsingborg. My suggestion is to not go directly to the tip of this beautiful peninsula but start your hike at Arlid. From here, follow the rugged coast of Kullen west-wards. Along the way, you will pass by Nimis of Ladonia, an art sculpture made out of more than 160.00 pieces of driftwood. The monument was built by hand by the artist Lars Vilks. The big monument is not only fascinating to look at, but also great fun to explore and climb on!

The clearly marked hiking path takes you afterwards all the way out to the tip of Kullaberg, where you can enjoy the rough sea with a lighthouse and a small museum, where you can learn about the animals living here. 

Wooden castle-like sculpture with sea in the background
Outdoor adventure 4: Climb on the wood sculpture Nimis

Take a relaxing break at Sofiero Palace and Gardens

If you are looking for a not as challenging outdoor activity, then Sofiero Palace and its gardens are definitely on your to-do list. This summer palace is located slightly outside Helsingborg and is easy to reach with public transport. Their huge park is a mix of royal gardening heritage and innovative garden design. Try to time your visit with the blooming of the rhododendrons, as Sofiero is home to the largest collection of this beautiful plant! But even if you miss that, there are all spring and summer a huge number of flowers and plants that will allow you to take a relaxing break and forget about daily life!

Photo showing a summer castle surrounded by trees and a green open area
Outdoor trip 5: Relax in the gardens of Sofiero Castle

So, it’s time to get those backpacks packed and shoes ready and explore outdoor Skåne whenever the sun is out! These are just five suggestions of things outdoor activities for spring and summer, and there are uncountable more adventures to be undertaken! 

What are your favourite outdoor spots and hiking trails in Southern Sweden? Let me know in the comments!

Michaela Roth
My name is Michaela and I grew up surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. When I moved to flat Lund to do my Ph.D., I initially thought it would only be for the 4 years that it takes to obtain this degree. Of course, life had other plans, and falling in love with a Swede changed my life completely. I am passionate about science, outdoor activities, and balancing multicultural traditions.

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