11 May, 2019

Find a job before moving to Sweden

Are you planning to move to Sweden? Are you worried about the language barrier, cultural differences and looking for a job in a new environment? Moving to another country is not easy, but, as we know, possible. You can’t have control over everything that will happen, but you can actually do a lot to avoid long and frustrating searching for a job. Look at our checklist that will help you to find a job before moving to Sweden and save yourself a lot of stress.

Have you talked to your current boss and colleagues?

Do you have any network in Sweden? Does your company have offices here? Most of the people find their jobs through networking. Check the transfer options – that’s the most certain and easy way to find a job in another country. If your company has no connections with Sweden, ask for recommendations (in English) that will confirm your skills and experience. If your diplomas or any other important documents that could be useful during your job search are not in English, translate them into English (some of the employers will require a certified translation).

Have you Swedified your CV?

Swedish CV and CL are not so different from the ones from the other countries, but there are some subtle differences. If you want to improve your CV and CL, visit the website of the Swedish Public Employment Service. You’ll not only find useful tips there, but you can also schedule an online meeting to discuss what can be improved and receive individual feedback (unfortunately the interview part requires e-identification, but the tips are for everyone).

Have you started to study Swedish?

There are multiple companies that offer jobs for fluent English-speakers, but it’s good to show that you want to study Swedish. When you speak the language of the country you live in, it’s easier to enjoy and explore it. Once you know some basics words, it will make it easier and more efficient to search for a job as well.

Once you come here, you can attend state-provided classes (one of the most fantastic options for foreign professionals is SIFA), but there is also something that you can do before you move to Sweden.

Swedish is not a difficult language and you can learn some basics before you move here. For example here, here and here.

But we understand – studying is not always a priority when all your life is changing. So here is the biggest database for English-speaking professionals.

Are you sure that you can start working in Sweden?

As long as the employer doesn’t provide you support with getting a work permit and the accommodation, you have another thing to fix. Finding the apartment in Stockholm is not easy, as well as applying for visas and permits. But it’s not impossible! Just make sure that you will have enough time to settle everything. Also, don’t forget that the recruitment process in Sweden takes a long time, so be prepared for waiting. You’ll find all the important information in Just arrived section.

List of websites with job advertisements:

The Hub



Jobb Blocket

Metro Jobb

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Nancy Christina De Silver
18 May, 2019 at 11:59

yes.. not only the job , one can start his or her own business ”Starta Eget”. in Sweden. I have started my own business here in Sweden. Read my blogs about my journey!


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