26 September, 2018

Discovering Stockholm

When I walk along the streets or “gator” of Stockholm, it seems to me like moving inside a painted landscape from a fairy tale book. What impresses me is that although Stockholm is situated on many islands and is surrounded by water, I do not have the impression to walk on an island. When I read that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities of the world, I can believe it.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town

Gamla Stan by quimono

The pulsing heart of the City of Stockholm is the Old Town called Gamla Stan which is the largest island of Stockholm. In Gamla Stan, I visited the Nobel Museum. Alfred Nobel was the person who created the world famous Nobel Prize. He was also a citizen of Stockholm. The Nobel Prize is considered the highest award a person is able to achieve. After having visited the Nobel Museum, I walked near the Royal Palace and marveled at its architecture. Walking along the narrow streets, looking at the different coloured painted houses I found bookstores, souvenir shops, secondhand shops of Stockholms Stadsmissionen and antique shops. Gamla Stan is really a jewel of Stockholm.

Årsta Havsbad

Wooden Pier by Free-Photos

Årsta Havsbad is a lovely place situated in the South of Stockholm. There are many pine trees, little sand beaches and little houses along the woods. Many of these wooden houses are red or yellow with little windows. There are beautiful long piers on the water. I could stand on a pier, hands at the railing and feel the waves under my feet. I could feel the wind on my face and I could smell the sea. The waves caressed the pier so that it moved slowly under me. I could see the deep royal blue waves with their white foaming crowns pushed by the wind rolling towards the coast where they washed the sand and returned back into the sea. I was like hypnotized by this dance. After staring at it for a while, I forgot all the world around me. From there I walked along the narrow sand beach to the next pier, which was even longer than the first one. At the end of this second pier, there was a springboard. I guess that it has to be a beautiful experience to jump into the water. However, after my serious accident in Lake Geneva, I am not so eager to do so as I was before the accident. I am confident I will eventually work on my way back to it. I can highly recommend Årsta Havsbad to anyone looking to have direct contact with nature.


Nynäshamn by Simon Inns

Located by the sea, Nynäshamn is a little lovely town, just under an hour away from Stockholm. I walked along the wonderful harbor while I was enjoying another sunny day. There were many little blue and white wooden houses in the marine together with cafés, fishcafés, restaurants, ice cream shops and a tourist information center. From the harbor, I walked to a place called Nynäs Havsbad. The walk from Nynäshamn to Nynäs Havsbad was very beautiful because I could smell the pine trees along the way. Nynäs Havsbad is a spa, conference/hotel with a beautiful elegant style. If you are looking for a place close to nature to relax, Nynäs Havsbad could be perfect for you. When I arrived at Nynäs Havsbad, there was a short wooden path to the water. I took off my shoes and my socks to walk a little bit in the crystalline sea water. It was the first time since my accident in June 2018 that I dared to be again in the water. Even when I didn’t swim, it was an important first step for me. It was only a little move, but I have learned that the first step in the right direction can give a feeling of gratification and motivation to dare to give the next step. Once out of the water, I buried my hands in the sand. It was such a lovely feeling. It was so easy to connect with nature. I wonder if Sweden’s beautiful nature will help me overcome my fear in a peaceful way. 

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I was born in Berne, where I grew up. My parents were migrants from Italy. I spoke Italian at home and Swiss German at school. As Psychologist and Psychotherapist I have worked in many Centers for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Switzerland. On August first, 2018 I moved from Switzerland to Sweden because my partner has got an employment for 12 months at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. As I do not have an employment here, I decided to become a volunteer with the precise aim to be useful for the community on the basis of my professional background.

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