17 October, 2019

Interview with Claudia Amaro, Embroider Artist Based in Sweden

Claudia Amaro is an artist, a fashion stylist and embroider-maniac from Brazil with always a gentle smile. Like many newbies, Claudia moved to Sweden in 2018 following her partner, who got a job in Stockholm.

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Instagram, we reached Claudia to design a tote bag for us. While working on this project, we asked her some questions about being a newbie in Sweden and her work as an embroidery artist.

1. What has been the hardest part of your transition from Brazil to Sweden?

The constant feeling of being out of place. You’re away from your culture, your food, your friends and family. But I think the hardest part of the transition, at least at the beginning, is not being able to speak Swedish.

2. Can you explain a bit about what you do in your job?

I have a degree in fashion design, but then I discovered my passion for styling and I truly enjoy the environment that surrounds a photo studio. I worked in some of the big e-commerce companies in Brazil, producing images for various communication platforms.

3. Crudi is your personal project. How did you start it?

Claudia Amaro & Crudi

I’ve always been very curious and love handcraft work. When I was out of work I found some embroidered pictures on the internet, and I fell in love with the idea of becoming embroider myself.

Crudi began as a hobby in 2014.  The name comes from a friend from school who kindly nicknamed me that. I have some friends who still call me Crudi, so I thought it would be a short and fun name for the brand.

Shortly after creating Crudi, I started to get custom orders for friends and family and Crudi hasn’t stopped growing since then.

Stockholm embroidered 😉

I appeared in decoration magazines in Brazil where they talked about embroidery artists, worked in a project for an architecture award, and a visual merchandising for a jewelry chain where I created more than 60 embroidery pieces that showcased in their 13 stores in Brazil.

Like fashion, embroidering is one of my big passions and I can’t think of it not being part of my life.

4. What do you enjoy the most when embroidering?

Embroidering requires a lot of focus. It is therapeutic. It allows me to empty my head and relax, it helps me deal with anxiety.

5. What has been your biggest challenge – personal and professional – in Sweden?

There are daily challenges, but it is a process that it’s making me more mature in every way. The hardest part is trying to understand and get involved in Swedish society when you don’t know anything about it.

It is the same in my career, each day I learn something new and improve my skills so I can stand out in my field.

6. What are your plans/dreams in Sweden?

Stockholm is a wonderful and safe city to live in. For now, my idea is to focus on finding a job in my field. Meanwhile, I want to enjoy my life in Sweden, and the future will decide what’s next for me here or somewhere else.

7. Any advice to other newbies?

I’d advise them to come with an open mind, become aware of what implies to immerse themselves in a new country. Make the most of the beautiful landscapes the city offers you and embrace all the good things that bring you.

Be open to know people and ask for support if you are in doubt or a little lost. And as hard as it sometimes is, try to enjoy the process and learn from it.

Find out more about Claudia Amaro’s work here.

Are you a newbie artist in Sweden? Drop us a comment here 😉

Claudia Laborda
Hi, I'm Claudia, a writer and digital media enthusiast from Barcelona.
I moved to Stockholm in 2017. I love writing, road trips, books and taking pictures for my Instagram @kospialidosa.
You can also check out my blog where I review books and write short stories.

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Leonardo Amaro Euquime
17 October, 2019 at 21:34

I love you my sister. I´m so happy to read that interview. I wish many success for you. Always.
Kisses from you older brother, Leo (Quéri)…from Brazil.
=) S2


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