31 July, 2019

Best cellphone plans for Newbies

الهاتف المحمول

Just arrived in Sweden and already longing to call home? Living on a budget with no extra cash to spend on overpriced cellphone plans? Got slightly entangled in the Swedish net of never-ending options? Relax and read on, we got you covered!

Newbie Guide unraveled the mysteries of different Swedish mobile operators, offering you the four best ones – in my opinion.

Disclaimer: To keep The Newbie Guide free, we use affiliate links (marked with *) and may get a commission if you click and buy using these links. This does not affect our opinions and our writers always recommend their best for your Swedish experience.


  • For many years the winner of the most friendly mobile network
  • Uses Telia network  and therefore provides huge coverage and reliable service
  • Offers a wide range of monthly plans from  99 SEK for 2GB and 50 SMS/call up to 369 SEK for 30 GB with free SMS/calls
  • Offers SMS all over the world for free
  • Option for a prepaid card  – you can save the internet data, you can fill the money for 30 days and use the money whenever you want
  • Student’s discounts available!


  • Uses Telenor network
  • No commitments, no period of notice if using the monthly plans
  • You can save the unused internet data up to 12 months
  • You can stop the monthly plan if you leave Sweden and continue when you´re back, no need to pay when you´re not using it!
  • Offers start at  2GB up to 50GB with really generous prices starting on 50 SEK for the first 3 months
  • Discounts for students available!


  • Uses Tre network
  • You can choose between monthly plans or prepaid cards
  • When using the prepaid card you can use the money only when needed
  • Plans starting on 99 SEK for 4GB up to 100GB for 174 SEK for the first 3 months
  • Their most used plan is 25GB for 124 SEK
  • Discounted plans for students!


  • Uses the net of Tele2, Telia and Telenor offering the same coverage with more friendly prices
  • Monthly plans up to 40GB with the option to buy more surf if needed
  • Prepaid card has the same rules and prices as monthly plans
  • No period of notice for the monthly prices
  • Offers exactly the same services in all EU countries

If you still fumbling in the dark, unable to decide which network to choose, these simple statements might help you decide!

If the price is a crucial aspect:

You might want to check Hallon for offers of:

  • 4 GB up to 100 GB
  • 50 % discount for new customers for the first 3-4 months
  • Free calls & SMS
  • Prices starting at 49 SEK/month

If the amount of internet data compared to the price is the crucial aspect:

You might want to check Halebob offers for very reasonable data amount for very friendly prices.

If the internet data matters (no matter the price):

You might want to check Tre*offers:

  • 100 free calls
  • 100 free SMS
  • Surf starting at 2GB  to unlimited
  • Price between 149 SEK – 699 SEK
  • Unlimited surf for 600 SEK/month

If you need to use your phone a lot outside Sweden in other EU countries:

Thought Comviq might be a great option, offering very cheap calls, SMS and data abroad, you cannot make mistake with choosing Hallon or Fello as well. Their prices start at 94 SEK.

Halebob and Hallon also offer the best options for EU internet data if needed.

Happy cellphone plan hunting!

Veronika Opatrilova
Veronika works as a Stockholm guide, writer and translator from Swedish. She was born in the Czech Republic, but, as she says, her heart and soul belong to Sweden. Sometimes she leaves for new adventures and lives in different countries, but she always comes back. She is in love with black Swedish coffee, cardamon buns and a ferry to Djurgården.

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