20 July, 2017

5 facts about the crayfish party

1. Good bye blue sky

Kräftskiva (the Crayfish Party) is a typical Swedish festivity that marks the end of the summer.

Sorry for the reality call, but let’s face the truth: soon the sun will be gone, so make sure to enjoy it!

2. Eat, eat, eat

In this great feast, the crayfish are cooked in a brine, with a lot of dill. They are eaten cold, with your own hands. Sucking noisily to extract the juices is a must.

3. But manners, please!

It is good to have some elegance to the table. People usually wear fancy bibs and hats.

(Image: Oli Sandler Photography)

4. Drinking and singing

Snappsvisor are traditional drinking songs that are supposed to be sung when taking shots. If you can’t speak Swedish, don’t be ashamed to give it a try. Nobody will be sober to sing them right anyway…

5. Hangover

The day after a Kräftskiva you will probably feel a bit bad, but instead of blaming all the drinking you can do like the Swedes and just say “jag tål inte kräftor” (something like “it was the crayfish”).


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